New Lawns

We offer a complete range of turf options from full site preparation, irrigation systems, hydroseeding and instant roll out turf /ready lawn.

Hydroseeding is a very cost-effective choice if you are wanting a new lawn, unlike readylawn, there is only a small amount of labour involved.

The spray on process is very fast, it is non-toxic and harmless to the environment, pets and children and it is proven to be the best method for a fast, healthy germination as the mulch is able to retain up to 10 times its weight in water.

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New Lawns work

* Full site preparation
* Irrigation systems
* Hydroseeding
* Instant rollout turf
* Instant ready lawn


Selwyn and Christchurch Wide


Hydroseeding / New Lawn Creation

Garden Landscaping / Fencing

Ready Lawn / Roll Out Lawn / Roll Out Turf

Stump Grinding / Stump Removal